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Ejemplos de Hacer una Reserva (Inglés)
Enviado por Vevana
Publicado el 2011-04-09 22:57:20
Booking hotel accommodation:

will be visiting -London
-Turkey on business in -November
-the near future
Our -Sales Manager,
-Director, Mr..
-Export Manager,

I would be grateful / glad if you could reserve a single /double room for -he
... -from 10-15 December
-for the 10, 11 and 16 November

-Could you confirm this booking and let us know -your terms
-the full cost

Confirming a booking:

Reply from the Hotel

Dear Mr...

We acknowledge receipt of your letter of 14 th September.

We are happy to reserve a single room for Mr... for the 10 th and 11th November. The reservation will be held until 8 p.m. unless paid for in advance.

The price of the room is ... a night, service, VAT and continental breakfastk included. There is an extra charge for English breakfast. All rooms are fully equipped with telephone, television and minibar.

If we do not hear to the contrary, we shall assume that this booking is definite and look forward to receiving Mr...

-This is to confirm
-I am happy to confirm -my booking of
-our reservation of -a room in your hotel...
-a holiday flat in...
-a seat on flight...

-a language course
that I would like to -reserve / book
-enrol in

-If we do not
-Unless we hear -to the contrary
-from you we shall assume that -the booking is confirmed
-this is definite
-this is convenient

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