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Ejemplos de Palabras homófonas en inglés
Enviado por enecé
Publicado el 2011-01-15 18:58:29
Las palabras homófonas son todas aquellas que, independientemente de su grafía, se pronuncian igual.

Lista de grupos de palabras homófonas en inglés:

air heir
arc ark
ate eight
awe oar or
aye eye I
be bee
beach beech
bear bare
beat beet
been bean
berth birth
blue blew
bow bough
boy buoy
bread bred
but butt
by bye buy
cast caste
caught court
centsent scent
coarse course
currant current
chute shoot
desert dessert
dew do
dye die
feet feat
flee flea
flour flower
flu flew
for fore
forth fourth
foul fowl
four for
franc frank
groan grown
hall haul
have halve
heal he"ll heel
heard herd
heart hart
heed he"d
here hear
high hi
hole whole
hoop whoop
in inn
isle I"ll aisle
its it"s
knit nit
knot not
lent leant
lesson lessen
main mane
manner manor
meat meet
medal meddle
missed mist
morning mourning
need knead
new knew
night knight
no know
none nun
nor gnaw
one won
pee pea
peel peal
piece peace
plain plane
pore pour
queue cue
rap wrap
red read
retch wretch
right write
ring wring
road rode
rung wrung
sail sale
scene seen
scent sent
see sea
sew sow
site sight
sleigh slay
sole soul
steal steel
suit sweet
Sunday sundae
tail tale
taught taut
team teem
through threw
throw throe
time thyme
two too to
wail whale
wait weight
waive wave
warn worn
waste waist
way weigh
we wee
weak week
wear where
we"d weed
whet wet
whether weather
which witch
wine whine
wood would
yoke yolk
you ewe yew

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